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Empower Your Business: Friday 31st of May – Join the Business Plan day

Empower Your Business: Join the Business Plan Seminar Series

The DIN-ECO Consortium is pleased to announce a day dedicated to learning about business plans and how they are structured and analyzed.

The Business Plan Day will take place on 31 May from 11.30 CET to 15.30 CET.

There will be three different seminars with a 15-minute break between each seminar.

At the end, there will be a discussion time with industry professionals who will be able to review your business plan for free from 15.30 to 16.00 CET.

Indeed, we have created a new cycle of seminars to equip entrepreneurs and enthusiasts in business planning. This series is a must for anyone wanting to learn more about the business environment and how to make their projects successful.

Agenda of the day

12.00 -13.00 CET

Business Plan Components and Structure  FOUND.ATION  
15 minutesBreak 
13.15 -14.15 CET

Strategies for a Strong Value Proposition  iED
15 minutesBreak 
14.30 -15.30 CET

Financial Planning and Protections  FONDAZIONE FENICE  
30 minutesOnline Business Plan reviewFOUND.ATION, iED, FONDAZIONE FENICE

Seminars descriptions

Business Plan Components and Structure

This seminar will guide students through the essential components of creating a business plan, with particular emphasis on market analysis. Participants will learn how to collect and interpret market information, gaining a deeper understanding of their industry, competition, and customer base.

Strategies for a Strong Value Proposition

In this seminar, we will explore the essential steps to understanding your market strategies and creating a compelling value proposition that resonates with your target audience. You will learn how to segment your market, profile your ideal customers, and map their needs using tools like empathy maps and the Value Proposition Canvas. We’ll dive deep into identifying customer jobs, pains, and gains and how to align these with your products and services to craft a powerful value proposition. Featuring a real-world case study and an interactive workshop component, you’ll have the opportunity to apply these concepts and create your own value map.

Financial Planning and Protections

This session covers the financial aspects of a business plan. It aims to equip participants with the skills to create realistic financial projections, understand funding requirements, and manage budgets. The workshop will provide templates and step-by-step instructions on developing crucial financial documents, which are vital for attracting investors and managing business finances efficiently. 

How to participate in

The seminars will take place on the ZOOM platform at different times.

Please check the date and time on the agenda. You should register for each session you wish to attend to receive the access link and a reminder: registration link

You will be asked to complete a very short survey Before/after the seminar to encourage improvement. During these events, you will also be offered support in reviewing your business plan, so please forward it to us at zamparo@fondazionefenice.it 

DIN-ECO is supported by HEI Initiative program of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) (cohort 2) and is funded by the European Union.