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Welcome to the Virtual Mentor Ecosystem of the DIN-ECO Project!

DIN-ECO Project is dedicated to boosting higher education institutions’ innovation and entrepreneurial skills across Europe. Our goal is to help these institutions integrate smoothly into European innovation value chains and ecosystems. To achieve this, we have created a Virtual Mentor Ecosystem, a digital platform designed to support and guide startups and entrepreneurs.

The Virtual Mentor Ecosystem is an online platform that offers structured mentoring programs tailored to startups’ needs. These programs can be short and intensive, lasting 1-2 months, or more extended and comprehensive, lasting 3-8 months. The flexible platform allows sessions to be conducted online or in person, depending on the participants’ preferences and availability.

The platform’s dashboard allows users to manage all aspects of the mentoring process, including programs, sessions, projects, and user profiles.

How Does It Work?

Each startup in the program is matched with two types of mentors:

  • Horizontal Mentors: These mentors are chosen based on the startup’s sector. They are experienced startup advisors or founders in the same field and provide broad guidance on business models, product roadmaps, and go-to-market strategies.
  • Vertical Mentors: These are experts in specific domains such as digital innovation, legal issues, intellectual property, and fundraising. They provide specialized advice to help startups tackle specific challenges.

Programs Offered

  • Digital Innovation Accelerator Program
  • HealthTech Program
  • Sustainable Manufacturing Innovation Program
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership in Digital Innovation Program

Link to enter the platform