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The DIN-ECO Innovation Competition Results 

The DIN-ECO Innovation Competition Results 

The DIN-ECO innovation competition attracted high interest from future pioneers, changemakers and inventors who will revolutionize the fields of Digital Technologies, Digital Health and Manufacturing.

Totally, 235 students participated in the competition with 73 innovative ideas. The Digital technologies sector was the main area of interest of the Competition, gathering 46% of the submitted ideas, followed by Manufacturing.

The DIN-ECO HEIs selected the following 30 innovative ideas, engaging 99 students to compete in the DIN-ECO Digital Hackathon planned for the 16th of December.

The results

Title of the innovative project Country DIN-ECO target sector 
Microplastic Analyser and Locator for Automatic Collection at Sea Denmark   Digital Technologies  
Utilization and storage of excess energy on an energy island. Denmark Manufacturing  
Wave Energy in the North Sea Denmark Manufacturing  
Autonomous Fire Extinguisher Denmark Digital Technologies 
Additive Manufacturing per l’industria  Italy Manufacturing  
Multi-metallic material manufactured through Laser-Powder Bed Fusion technology: how and why? Italy Manufacturing  
Heated build platform for aluminum alloys realized by additive manufacturing Italy Manufacturing  
Coating of Additive Manufacturing products with recycled powder Italy Manufacturing  
 On the way to find your heART  Greece  Digital Technologies  
Mobacity Greece Digital Technologies  
W.E. (World Explorer) Greece Digital Technologies  
Cruisera Greece Digital Technologies  
VacayFit – Customize your experience Greece  Digital Technologies  
Innovative Treatment Access Greece Digital Health 
Online Counselling for SMEs and Micro-SMEs Turkey Digital Technologies  
Puton Turkey Digital Technologies  
Blind Lens Turkey Digital Health 
Rainwater Harvesting for Cities Turkey Digital Technologies  
Timeless Experience Turkey Digital Technologies  
Computer Sharing Poland Digital Technologies  
Creation of the application “Znajdźka” to search for goods in store.  Poland Digital Technologies  
The factory of regional alcohols in Mazovia run by company Poland Manufacturing  
Innovative support for physical development – Gym Juice Project Poland Manufacturing  
VR Concert Poland Digital Technologies  
Meguapp – environmentally friendly app for a chain of Mexican restaurants Poland Digital Technologies  
Mobile app for waiting rooms time management Serbia Digital Technologies  
SafeWalk Serbia Digital Health 
Improving the 3D design of plate implants by implementing SubD surfaces Serbia Digital Health 
Personalised wrist orthosis for fractures and rehabilitation Serbia Digital Health 
Mobile application for student scheduling Serbia Digital Technologies  

"DIN-ECO is supported by HEI Initiative program of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) (cohort 2) and is funded by the European Union. The HEI initiative aims to support HEIs with expertise and coaching, access to the EIT innovation ecosystem, the largest in Europe, and funding, enabling them to develop innovation action plans complementing the needs of individual HEIs"